We are a group of motorheads and hotrodders who love tinkering with engines and swapping out parts on their classic cars. If it is a 55 Bel-Air or a 71 Nova, you should find an LS under its hood! LS engines are the perfect engine for most classic cars and we are fans of the GM block. Classic Car LS Swaps was started to inform car enthusiasts and motorheads alike that there is modern option to obtain reliability, performance, and fuel economy all in one package (LS engine) for their classic car.

We firmly believe you should hire a professional mechanic and car builder to perform any engine swap. You can find someone local to you to perform an LS engine swap. When a professional swaps your tired SBC 350 out of your 55 or 57 Chevy Bel-Air, you can unleash the true power of your classic platform with the reliability of a modern Chevy engine. Be sure to research problems and solutions others have encountered before buying parts for your antique car. Youtube is a great place to get advice.